Weekend Dating

10p phone chat and dateWell what a great weekend is was!  The sun was out (for most of the time) and I was surrounded by great friends. We headed to a lovely beer garden in London where the drinks were cheap (it’s not easy to get cheap drinks in London).

There was this very attractive women in the beer garden drinking a large glass of white wine.  My mate knew I kept looking at her as she was very hot.  I ended up building up the courage to go and chat to her.  I did it when a couple of her friends had gone to the bathroom and we had a good chat.  I was drinking cheap beer as it wasn’t pay day yet!

We ended up having a lovely flirty chat.  I think she could tell I was scared about asking her out on a date.  She ended up getting a 10p coin out her pocket and telling me that if it ended up heads we would go out on the date.  She flipped the coin and luckily it ended up heads!!!  Yay!  We are going out on a date next week and I’m really looking forward to it and hey it’s after the payday so the date won’t need to be cheap!